Corporate Social Responsibility

At the Gozo Tourism Association, we understand that our industry impacts the environment in many different ways and also plays a significant role in the social and economic development of the establishments we represent.

We are committed to carrying out all our activities responsibly and in ways that make a positive difference to people’s lives and the environment.   We are actively involved to carry out measures and entice our members to follow ethics that are responsible and sustainable.

Furthermore we are advocating with the touristic establishments that the sustainability of the tourism industry on Gozo depends also on the human resources who are willing to  seek a career in the touristic sector.


Human Capital


As the regional tourism voice on our small Island, we have embarked on a study that we are conducting with the various stakeholders to help the Gozo Tourism Association develop a holistic strategy towards the implementation of a long term action plan aimed at mitigating and addressing the brain drain that establishments within the sector are faced with.

Ultimately this project will enhance the knowledge of the Gozo Tourism Association with regards to this important subject by building the necessary capacity to assist all the relative stakeholders with an interest in furthering the tourism sector in Gozo through the enhancement of its human resource base.

Hence creating more employment opportunities for the younger generation which due to current scenario is opting to settle and work in Mainland Malta. This situation is leading to a chronic brain drain which unless addressed will become irreversible.

Another initiative taken on board by the Gozo Tourism Association is our participation in another project entitled TOUROPE.

The TOUROPE project aims to bring together the tourism industry and provide them with a clear strategy and tools to find solutions to longstanding issues. Through the online TOUROPE platform and TOUROPE Yearly Academy that will be created, the industry will be able to use a systemic and structural approach to reducing skills shortages in their sector, while at the same time be alleviated through stakeholder and training support to grow, become competitive and create innovative services and solutions.

The new European TOUROPE alliance that will be created is formed by 26 partners in 13 countries who together will: discuss trends and new skills (identify), professional profiles and skills shortages, VET courses and competences in need, move towards green economy and circular economy, disseminate human investment benefits also develop a deliverables roll out framework.

On the same subject of human resources on Gozo, the Gozo Tourism Association organizes or participates in the following yearly events:

  • The Gozo Young Tourism Worker of the Year Award.
  • The Gozo Tourism Worker of the Year Award.
  • The Gozo Entrapreneurship Award of the Year.
  • The Careers Week in Tourism.


Environment Initiatives


The Gozo Tourism Association promotes best practices with its members, to maintain a clean and sustainable environment on our Island.  Our goal is to entice our members to operate an energy-efficient business that strives to reduce its impact on the environment. To achieve this, we advocate that the touristic operations are constantly reviewed to assess their carbon footprint and other indicators of environmental impact to understand how we can improve our eco-performance.  

To this end the Gozo Tourism Association is participating in the Consume-Less project “Consume Less Mediterranean Touristic Communities”.

The aim of this Project is to significantly reduce waste in terms of energy, water and waste at local level. The project focuses in particular on the specific nature of the tourist areas, within which it is necessary to define and implement policies for sustainability aimed at reducing the consumption of water, energy and the production of waste, through the deployment of different types of actions that take into account the particularities of the tourist areas.

The project is included in the definition of an integrated and sustainable management strategy of water and energy, the results of which will be tested and monitored  and subsequently forwarded to the competent authorities to be capitalized and transferred  to other territories, with the active involvement of a wide range of local, regional and national actors.

The communication strategy is focused in the introduction of a territorial brand “consume-less”, assigned to private and / or public entities participating in the initiative, pledging to achieve sustainable management actions of energy, water and reduction some waste.

Finally, the partnership will offer training opportunities to the interested cities in order to promote a “sustainable tourism” by using European Tourism Indicators System (ETIS) for Sustainable Management at Destination Level, a voluntary instrument for the assessment of the levels of sustainability performance of tourist cities promoted by the European Community and that administrators can utilize to monitor, manage, measure and improve performance in terms of sustainability of branded tourist destinations “consume-less” after the end of the project.


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