Where is Gozo?
The Island of Gozo is situated 5km to the Northwest of Malta. It is about 80km away from Sicily and 190km from the North African coast. Almost circular in shape, Gozo has an area of 14km by 7km. The highest point on the island is Ta’ Dbiegi Hill which rises 190 metres above sea level.

What language is spoken in Gozo?
Two official languages are spoken in Gozo – Maltese and English. While Maltese is commonly spoken, locals will usually be able to converse easily in English and even Italian.

What is the weather like in Gozo?
Gozo enjoys mild winters and hot summers making it an all-year-round tourist destination. August is usually the hottest month of the year while February is traditionally the coldest. Summer temperatures can rise into the high 30s and 40s, while the coldest winter temperatures rarely fall below 10 degrees.

Do you need a passport or Visa to travel to Gozo?
A passport is required from visitors from outside the European Union. No Visas are required.

Do I need to have any injections?
No injections are necessary for travelling to Gozo or the EU.

What is the time difference?
The Maltese Islands are in the Central European Timezone alongside Italy, Spain and Germany. We are one hour ahead of the UK.

How long is the journey from the airport?
The journey from the airport to the Mgarr harbour in Gozo will take approximately one and a half hours including ferry crossing time.

What type of public transport system is utilised?
There is a reasonably good bus service from Mgarr to Victoria and vice-versa as well as from Victoria to all the towns and villages in Gozo. The main bus terminus is situated in Victoria.

What is the electricity voltage in Gozo?
The Maltese Islands use a Voltage of 240 volts, 50cycles – the same as the UK. Three-pin square British style plugs are used. Visitors from the UK can use their normal 3-pin plug items. Visitors from elsewhere may need an adapter.

Do you have a Tourist Office?
Information Offices are found in Victoria (00356 21561419), Mgarr and Xlendi . One can get information about all cultural events in Gozo from the Cultural Office in Victoria (00356 21556125)

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