Bubaqra Tower Overview in Zurrieq, Malta

It is believed that this was erected in 1579, although no documentary evidence has been discovered to sustain this. Due to the fact that in the 16th century it was still considered as very dangerous to live so far away from any fortification, these country residences were provided with defense of their own. Typical of buildings of the time, the main door were located in the first floor. Here the rooms are spacious and offer a good vista of the surrounding countryside and coastline. Though built as a residence, it could easily have been used for guard duties as well. During the 18th century four turrets were added, which, although do not form part of the original tower have added character to the building. Tradition has it that during the 18th century this tower was utilized by Knights stationed in the area, for some illicit meetings with young females. Like many other buildings, the Bubaqra Tower was acquired by the Bristish military authorities during the Second World War. After the end of hostilities, the tower was turned into a residence once more. Recent residents have also restored a good part of the extensive garden that surrounds the tower.

Bubaqra Tower Tips & Guide

Opening hours: Closed – but can be seen from outside

Location Zurrieq
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