Taz-Zejt Church Overview in Gharb, Gozo

This small church is also dedicated to the Visitation of Our Lady to St. Elizabeth. It used to be the Parish Church of Gharb before the new one was built. Next to the Church is also a cemetery used by the Parish of Gharb. This Church has been restored by the l-Gharb Local Council thanks to EU Funds under Measure 323.  

Gharb was established a Parish on 29th August 1679 by Bishop Molina and the old 16th century church known today as 'Taz-Zejt', served as the first parish church for fifty years. The present church with its adjacent cemetery was constructed in 1678 on the foundations of an older one which was already in a very good condition in 1575 according to Mons.Dusina's records. It is called 'Taz-Zejt' because of a legend that alleges the curing of an old woman who spread some oil she saw pouring out of the side of the church, over her body. The reports of the pastoral visits of 1608, 1615 and 1630 clearly prove that it was very well looked after. Wheat bread was distributed to the congregation on the feast day. Only once in 1657 when the people were too poor to see to its maintenance, was the chapel deconsecrated, even so, six years later it was blessed again and opened for Liturgy.

Taz-Zejt Church Tips & Guide

Opening hours: Wednesday, Saturday and every first Friday of the month: 4.00pm

                         Sunday: 9.00am

Contact information: Contact person: Fr. Achille Cauchi

                                 Telephone: +356 21556373

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