Jeep and Quad tours Overview in Qala, Gozo

Gozo Pride tours offer you a selection of tours that will give you a good taste about our Islands Malta, Gozo and Comino to make your holiday more memorable. Our aim on these tours is to show you the most of our island especially the most beautiful hidden corners of Gozo, that is why we specialize most on the Jeeps and Quads.

With the Jeeps and Quads we will be able to reach points that are not reachable by coaches or mini buses, therefore we will manage to use short cuts thru the country side, take dramatic photographs and see breathtaking sceneries while we will still visit the highlights of the islands. Our experienced team of drivers are all fully qualified licensed and conversant in several languages other than English to make sure that you will get 100% satisfaction when you will choose any of our tours.

Gozo Pride Team Building Activities & other excursions.

Gozo Pride offers Team Building activities for groups and other excursions.
Raft building.
Bridge building.
Jeep Treasure hunt.
Quad tour games using comes and wood planks.
BBQ's in Hondoq Bay or Dwejra.
Picnic activities.
Powerboat transfers from anywhere in Malta to Gozo.
Powerboat tours.
Walking tours.


Jeep and Quad tours Tips & Guide

Attraction Tips

Getting Married in Malta & Gozo