The Cathedral Overview in Victoria, Gozo

The Citadel’s fine Baroque Cathedral is a masterpiece designed by Lorenzo Gafa’, the Maltese Architect who was responsible for the magnificent Cathedral of Mdina. The site on which it stands may well have been that of the Roman Temple of Juno, mentioned by Cicero in his writings.

Its floor is made up of a mosaic of marble tombstones and ecclesiastical emblems, while its ceiling has a remarkable trompe l'oeil painting, depicting the interior of a dome that was never built.

Constructed between 1697 and 1711, the Cathedral is a fine Baroque structure in the form of the Latin cross and is built entirely from the local limestone. The sanctuary was built on the plans of the Maltese architect, Lorenzo Gafa.

A tall belfry with five bells at the back of the Cathedral replaces the more traditional and common two belfries at the front, while a 1739 painting on the interior of the temple gives the impression of a dome, when in reality the roof of the building is flat.

Another attraction of the Cathedral is the statue of Santa Marija (The Assumption of Our Lady), which was undertaken in Rome in 1897.

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