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Gozo  boasts a strong cultural heritage that intrinsically forms part of the island’s identity.   Most of the events held in Gozo throughout the year give witness to this.  Cultural events play a significant role in strengthening the experience of visiting Gozo.

From the natural sights and caves to the oldest temples in the world, Gozo has a long history to offer. As a deeply religious population, churches and other   attractions are also abundant on the island. On Gozo, the sense of tranquility is never far away and there’s a never ending selection of serene spots to discover.

Gozo is a great place for diving.  It has a shoreline that descends to spectacular depth which provides for many excellent shore diving opportunities. Its most famous dive site is probably near Dwejra point at Fungus Rock and the Blue Hole.  But other diving sites can be found which offer spectacular caves, rocks, wrecks and arches, with spectacular marine and coral life.

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