Marsalforn is the most popular summer resort of Gozo. The name is a composite word, meaning the “harbour of caves hollowed by the sea”.  Up to the seventeenth century, before the development of Mgarr Harbour, Marsalforn was the principal seaport of Gozo. The seaside resort is well served with hotels, apartments, restaurants, bars, as well as diving and water sports clubs.  It comes to life during the warm summer evenings.  Then a festive atmosphere prevails with people relaxing over al fresco meals, and meting friends on the promenade for walks and talks.

The church of Marsalforn, dedicated to St. Paul Shipwreck is recorded very early.  The present building dates to 1730.  Tradition holds that St. Paul, after his three month stay in Malta left the island from the tiny port just beneath the church.  Marsalforn is the closest port to Sicily from the Maltese islands.

A scenic promenade leads from Marsalforn to Qbajjar and Xwejni where a number of saltpans dating from Roman times are still in use.  A redoubt dating back to 1620 still stands on the shoreline.

Town Map

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