Ghajnsielem just off Mgarr harbour simply means “Salem’s Spring” the monument in the square in the very centre of the village honours Anglu Grech, a farmer who lived in the vicinity and who, according to tradition, had a vision from the Blessed Virgin Mary requesting him to build a church, which was duly built in 1820 and dedicated to Our Lady Loreto.  clearly visible from the Gozo ferry as it enters the port, is the church of Our Lady of Lourdes perched above Mgarr harbour. From the parvis there are excellent views of the channel.

In 1749 to make the harbour and the channel safer, the Knights commenced the construction of cittacVilhena, which however became known as Fort chambray, after Jacques Francois chambray, Lieutenant General of the Ships and Governor of Gozo, who bequeathed most of his property for its building.   Its impressive gunpowder magazine and the watch-tower as well as most of the fortifications stand to this day.

On the corner of the Ghajnsielem – Victoria road, just in front of the road leading to the Heliport, there is Santa ¬ecilja tower, built in the 17th century to ease communications between coastal towers.  Next to it there is the derelict chapel of Saint cecilia, the oldest chapel in Gozo.  Also on this road one comes across the Gozo Heritage, a historical re-creation of the momentous episodes of seven thousand years on Gozo life, from prehistory down to recent times.

Town Map

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