Mgarr (Gozo)

Mgarr (Gozo)

Mgarr Harbour – the gateway to Gozo is Mgarr Harbour, also referred to as Mgarr, the only other point of entry being the heliport at Ghajnsieslem.

As the Gozo ferry approaches Mgarr Harbour and its gangway is lowered, one is immediately enthralled by the breathtaking charm of Gozo’s link to the outside world.

On one side Fort chambray, built by the Knights of St. John in 1749, majestically and defiantly guards the harbour from its vantage point, while the church dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes is a prominent landmark overlooking the harbour.  To the right, the terraced fields slope gently down to the sea.

To this day, Mgarr harbour is still the most important fishing base and provides the best winter shelter for the island’s fishing boats, while the adjacent marina hosts pleasure sea craft throughout he year.

Beyond the harbour the other towns, villages and attractions of Gozo are just silently waiting to be discovered.

Town Map

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