St John Almoner Church Overview in Bormla, Malta

St John Chapel is dedicated to St John Elemosinier (the almsgiver) who was born in 556 in Cyprus. The original church dedicated to this saint, was built in 1373 but was not located in the same place. The exact place is still unknown but probably it stood just outside the Margherita Lines. The old church was dismantled in order to allow for the building of the Cottonera Lines.

This church is a very small church with a vague but interesting history, dating back to at least the 14th century. Both historians Giovanni Francesco Abela and Gian Pietro Agius De Soldanis refer to a wooden statue of St John the Baptist found in the chapel and which they state was brought over from Rhodes. The nickname Ta’Ghuxa seems to have been given by the Carthaginians to an area which was developed into a garden and to which was added, probably during the Norman Conquest, a chapel dedicated to St John. As indicated by an inscription on the chapel’s façade, Friaf Fra Pierre Vianny funded the building of the chapel in 1682. During the Second World War the chapel suffered several damages. The titular painting and a small lunette which surrounded it, both works of Mattia Preti, are nowadays conserved in the National Museum of Fine Arts in Valletta, and replicas were placed in the chapel instead of them. After a number of years in disuse the chapel has been transformed into a cultural centre where art exhibitions, meetings and other cultural activities are held.

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