Former Fort Verdala Overview in Bormla, Malta

Fort Verdala, built in 1853 and adjoining the Margerita Lines, served as a Prisoner-of War camp during various wars and campaigns in the Mediterranean. Many famous personalities were held prisoners inside it as Admiral Karl Doenitz, the successor of Hitler during the first World War and the Emden crew. After WWII it was used for educational and residential purposes.

The Fort Verdala and the St. Clement's Retrenchment were improvements the British built to span the undefended area between these two lines of fortifications. Fort Verdala has a unique structure, as one of its walls was incorporated into the 17th century Santa Margerita Lines to serve as a stronghold within the vast area of ground enclosed by the Firenzuola (Santa Margerita) and Cottonera enceintes. By 1886 the Fort was armed mainly with 24 pounder smooth-bore Howitzers. This armament was removed in the 1890's and thereafter the Fort was used as a large barrack complex to accommodate military personnel. It was also used as POW camp during WW1. After World War 2 it was used as naval stores. The extensive casemated barracks block of Fort Verdala is utilized today for public housing.

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