Victoria Gate Overview in Valletta, Malta

It replaced the single arch Marina Gate built at the time of the knights complete with draw bridge.

The need for a bigger gate had been felt because the area of Marina Street down to the harbour was, at the time, the busiest part of Valletta. Ships used to berth close by, bringing produce from Italy and Gozo, and the shops which lined Marina Street used to be a hive of activity, with wholesalers supplying the other shops in Valletta.

Victoria Gate, Valletta’s oldest, has recently undergone full restoration and was unveiled on 17th May 2010 after a month-long project.

Calleja Ltd. was involved in the design and implementation of the architectural lighting system at Victoria Gate. The Gate had been neglected and badly lit for many years and it had always been our wish to have an adequate lighting system installed on this piece of architectural heritage.

Victoria Gate Tips & Guide

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