Sannat lies to the south of the island and its name is probably another Arabic family name.

The Rabat-Sannat road proceeds past the church to Tac Cenc, an expanse of prime interest.  Besides the excellent views of the countryside and the sea, there is a great variety of wild plants for the nature lover an several prehistoric remains.  The most prominent is L-Imramma Temple, a primitive type of temple made up of a sort of oval court with a series of more or less oval rooms to the north.  Other interesting remains are three dolmens.

The small bay of Mgarr Ix-Xini is at the end of the plateau. It is guarded by a tower which alerted the citadel by firing mortars or lighting a bonfire.  The dejma or local militia would then rush to the spot to hinder a landing.  Today pleasure boats in the bay encounter no such problems.

The village church of Sannat is dedicated to St. Margaret Martyr and was begun in 1718, and has an excellent altarpiece by the famed local artist Stefano Errardi.

Town Map

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